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Angelcare Animal Hospital offers many different types of surgeries. Ranging from simple to complex. Angelcare also offers a wide variety of pet cosmetic surgeries such as de-claws and ear-cropping. All animals are required to visit for a Pre-Surgical exam. Blood will be drawn at this time to see if the animal is healthy enough to undergo the surgery. 

Remember each surgery is individual and the risks differ depending on the type of surgery your pet is undergoing. A Pre-Surgical exam and blood work NEED to be done in order to help minimize the risks that may be involved.

If your pet is receiving a surgical procedure:

  • Print off and bring the Surgical Release Form with you when you drop your pet off.
  • Your pet may not have food 12 hours before the surgery
  • Your may not have water 8 hours before surgery
  • Surgical drop offs start at 8:30 am. We would like to have you drop your pet off as early as possible.
  • Pick ups are commonly a half hour before the clinic closes. Clinic hours

If you have any question on a surgical procedure for your pet please Contact us

Here at Angelcare we strive to keep your pet in the best health possible. Now, we know, surgery can be painful, but Angelcare offers a new cold laser treatment that helps your pet feel better and heal quicker all with out needing to fill your pets body up with days or even weeks of pain medications.