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Puppy Wellness

Puppy Wellness Package: $250

For your puppy's first 5 visits(16 weeks old or less).

  • Vaccines 
    • Exams for each visit a vaccine is given
    • Distemper combination Vaccine (4 if starting with a 6-8 Week old puppy)
    • Leptospirosis Vaccine (2 vaccines)
    • Rabies vaccine
  • Training
    • Five Private Obedience lessons
  • Information
    • New puppy information
    • Clicker Training Book & Clicker
    • Breed Specific Consultation
  • Parasite Protection
    • Intestinal Parasite Screen (Fecal Test)
    • De-worming (if needed)
    • First dose of Heartworm prevention (will be based on weight)
  • Microchipping
    • Permanent Microchip Implantation
    • Registration
  • Samples & More!

How do I get the best deal:

To get the best deal for the puppy wellness health plan your puppy should be between 6-8 weeks old. We will still apply the health plan for puppies that are between 9-16weeks, but the total saved value could decrease.

What should I bring to my first visit:

For your puppies first visit you should bring all medical records, breeder records and/or humane society records. These records should have information about de-worming, prior vaccines, health testing or surgical procedures that have been preformed. You should also bring a fresh (less than 24 hours old) stool sample from your puppy. If your puppy is currently on medications you should bring those along to the first visit as well. We also recommend bringing a list of questions to ask the doctor as well as something to take notes on. You should also bring your puppy hungry and have their favorite treats. If your puppy is from a breeder please make sure to ask your breeder about health testing done for your puppy and/or the puppy's parents. Things to ask for include but are not limited to: Genetic disease testing, eye exam, Hip and elbow testing- your breeder should provide you with a copy of these test results for your record.

What to expect during my first visit:

You should arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment. During this time we will have you fill out information for your record as well as make copies of the records you have given us. Before entering the exam room we will weigh your puppy and take a picture of your puppy for your record. In the exam room the technician will ask several questions and begin to gather a medical history of your puppy- you should be honest in your answers as some of your answers may be shining light to health problems. Upon the completion of the history, the technician will flea comb your puppy and scan him/her for a microchip. The technician will also let you know what vaccines your puppy will need (typically a distemper combination) and may suggest some testing that would benefit your puppy. The technician will also go over your puppy pack. Once this has been completed the technician will inform the doctor of the medical history as well as gather the necessary tools for the exam. Once the doctor is in the room, a full exam will be conducted and the doctor will inform you of any abnormalities that are found. After the exam is done, the doctor will go over any questions you have as well as giving recommendations for training. You should expect this visit to be around an hour.

What to expect at the following visits:

For follow up visits your puppy will be receiving a series of vaccine boosters. You should remember to bring your puppy hungry as well as their favorite treats. The doctor will go over any questions you have and discuss trouble spots in training. These visits will usually be around 30 minutes long.