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Puppy & Kitten Care

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During your first puppy/kitten visit: 

  • basic puppy/kitten care
  • how to get your puppy/kitten started with training
  • rough age
  • proper diet & weight
  • what vaccines are needed & when
  • when to start exposing & socializing your pet and what to
  • what to expect with a new puppy/kitten
  • crate training
  • registering your pet
  • micro-chipping 

We know its a lot of information to take in on the website, let alone while you are sitting in the office with the doctor. We also know, once you get home you will be so over whelmed with all the information you just heard that you won't remember a thing. Don't worry, Angelcare has you covered. When you make an appointment for your new puppy or kitten we will supply a packet filled with all the information you will hear about in your first appointment and more. Each packet comes full of all Dr. Limpach's tricks & tips, food samples, coupons, schedules, and much MUCH more. 


Micro-chipping is a safe, easy, and cheap way to permanently Identify your pet. A small microchip is placed under the skin between the shoulders. Each chip is unique and when you register the chip with HomeAgain this number will follow your pet for life. For More information on the HomeAgain Chip visit  HomeAgain

Kitten/puppy vaccinations:

When puppies and kittens are born they are born helpless and defenseless. They are extremely susceptible to many illnesses and viruses. We, as their new parents, must make sure they are protected. Just as with your children, puppies and kittens, need vaccinations in order to help prevent illness. puppies and kittens are normally given a series of vaccinations for the first few weeks of their life. The earlier your pet is vaccinated the better shot you have that your pet won't contract the illness.

Fecal check:

It is almost inevitable that your new puppy or kitten will have some kind of intestinal parasite. When you come for your first examination you should bring a poop sample with you. Intestinal parasites are usually very easy to treat and involve a series of deworming medication and/or antibiotics. The sooner your pet is put on medicine the better. Some of intestinal parasites are zoonotic, meaning they can pass from animals to people. Also, it is imperative that you ALWAYS pick up your pet's droppings as they put them down. (This goes for adult animals as well) Many of these intestinal parasites can infest your lawn and increase the chance of your pet being re-infected and/or you or a member of your family will be infested. If you pick up droppings right away your reduce the chance that the eggs/worms will get into your grass or house. If you know your puppy is infected only letting them go to the bathroom on concrete or any bleachable surface is good; along with picking up their poop as soon as they go. After picking up after your pet wash the surface with bleach this will kill the parasites. For more information on intestinal parasites schedule your appointment today.

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