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Dynasty Dobermans Pedigrees

Below are the pedigree's for the birth litter of all the current Dynasty Dobermans. Name of the owned or co-owned dog and most to all titles achieved are listed next to each litter name.

We plan to have all of the pedigrees up with all titles verified and added on all of the current  Dynasty Dobermans, but converting them all to the computer and uploading takes some time so please be patient with us and the constant uploading/updating. Until then please feel free to contact us with any pedigree questions.

-Thank You

OFA website and search database :

(This site offers more pedigrees on most of the dogs further back in the pedigrees with pictures as well, but unfortunately doesn't list titles)

File NameDescription / Comment
F-Litter PedigreeD.O.B. - 06/07/2005 - Fredonia von Dynasty aka Freddie AX, AXJ
G-Litter PedigreeD.O.B. - 01/07/2006 - Glenda OA, AXJ; and Gusto von Dynasty
H-Litter PedigreeD.O.B. - 02/01/2006 - Honda von Dynasty
J-Litter PedigreeD.O.B. - 6/16/2006 - Julie Jubilee von Dynasty aka Joey NA, NAJ, OA
K-Litter Pedigree D.O.B. - 5/09/2009 - Kenya NA and Kellogg von Dynasty
M-Litter PedigreeD.O.B. - 05/01/2010 - Mayhem von Dynasty
N-Litter PedigreeD.O.B. - 05/14/2011 - Nimble and Naomi(Neon) von Dynasty
O-Litter PedigreeD.O.B. - 04/16/2012 - Onyda and Omen
P-Litter PedigreeD.O.B.- 04/28/2012 - No puppies were kept at Dynasty from this litter