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Ear Cropping and what to expect.

  • Consult and Pre surgical exam
  • Pre anesthesia lab work
  • Surgery will be scheduled for future date
  • Before the Surgery
  • No food after 6pm and pick up water at bedtime.
  • No food or water morning of surgery.
  • Drop off pup and sign surgery release form, between 8:30-9am morning of surgery
  • Ear Cropping takes about 1 1/2 hours from start to recovery.
  • Owner will be texted a report when pup is in recovery.
  • Your dog will be lasered twice/day to speed up healing and decrease post surgery pain
  • Your surgery includes
  • Dinner
  • Overnight stay
  • Breakfast
  • laser x2
  • Lunch (day of pickup)  you will pick up your dog with hat and cone on.
  • Hat check 5-7days after cropping
  • First ear posting and suture removal in 10-14 days after cropping
  • Posting # 2 seven days after 1st posting.
  • Posting# 3 seven days after 2nd posting.
  • Post weekly until ears remain standing. This can be done at the hospital ($25.00/posting) or we can teach you to post at home

Ear Cropping alone $750.00    Ear Crop + Puppy Wellness Package $999.00

Puppy Wellness 8-16 weeks

  • Vaccines 
    • Exams for each visit a vaccine is given
    • Distemper combination Vaccine (4 if starting with a 6-8 Week old puppy)
    • Leptospirosis Vaccine (2 vaccines)
    • Rabies vaccine
  • Training
    • Five 20-30 minute Behavior consults.(Bring treats)
  • Information
    • New puppy information
    • Clicker Training Book & Clicker
    • Breed Specific Consultation
  • Parasite Protection
    • Intestinal Parasite Screen (Fecal Test)
    • De-worming (if needed)
    • First dose of Heartworm prevention (will be based on weight)
  • Microchipping
    • Permanent Microchip Implantation
    • Registration
  • Samples & More!