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We Offer Ear Cropping


 Dr. Limpach has been doing ear crops for over 20 years. She looks at each animal as an individual. So, no crop is identical to another dog. She will give you the best crop you desire and the best crop for your pet. Crops can range in pricing dependent on style and breed.

Every animal will need a pre-surgical examination a day or two before the surgery will be done.


Contact Angelcare Animal Hospital in Racine WI to schedule your examination.


Dogs must be at least 8-16 weeks old.

** 8-12 weeks is highly preferred for the best surgical experience for your pet. **


Before Ear Crop



Ready for Surgery






  The end of surgery -- and post surgery in cup 




After Crop



If you have any question on a surgical procedure for your pet please Contact us



Here at Angelcare we strive to keep your pet in the best health possible. Now, we know, surgery can be painful, but Angelcare offers a new cold laser treatment that helps your pet feel better and heal quicker all with out needing to fill your pets body up with days or even weeks of pain medications.