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Dermatology is our Specialty - Angelcare Animal Hospital - Racine, WI

"It's A Miracle!"

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Dermatology is our Specialty - Angelcare Animal Hospital - Racine, WI

 Skin issues

That's what many of the happy owners of previously bald, itchy, scabby, miserable dogs and cats are saying about Dr. Melodie Limpach, of the Angelcare Skin and Ear Clinic...a very active department of the Angelcare Animal Hospital and Pet Resort.

The skin is the largest organ of your pet's body, and if the skin gets sick, there is no way your pet can be considered at peak health and body condition. Often, your pet's skin condition is not just skin deep, but a reflection of serious internal disease as well.

There are many causes of skin disease and skin only has a few ways in which it can respond to disease causing entities. Often, this makes diagnoses difficult for the general practitioner because chronic problems all end up looking the same.  

The causes of skin and ear disease can include:

  • Parasites
  • Endocrine abnormalities
  • Autoimmune reactions
  • Food allergies
  • Inhaled allergies
  • Contact allergies
  • Bacterial infections
  • Fungal infections
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Congenital/inherited conditions 
  • and even ~ Cancers.


 Ear Issues


Chronic ear problems are usually just as frustrating because the ear is an extension of the skin, so it too is affected by all the same problems. Generally, all bad ears end up looking very similar regardless of the underlying cause. If your pet has an ear infection, itchy skin, flaky skin or more, we can help.

The good news is there are vets like Dr. Limpach of the Angelcare Skin and Ear Clinic who have had a lifelong interest in skin and ear disease. There is nothing that makes her feel happier or more satisfied than being able to turn an itchy, bald, smelly, miserable animal back into a happy and carefree companion. The owners are thrilled too, as now they can sleep through the night and romp with their beloved pet in public... and with pride. It's a happy ending for everyone.

For many, IT'S A MIRACLE!

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For those that live to far away to travel to the clinic Dr. Melodie Limpach offers phone and online consultations. She will offer advice and work with your current vet to get your pet taken care of. Please call for more information.