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The term allergies is referring to the allergic reaction your body or your pet's body has to a substance that is foreign to the body. Things that may cause an allergic reaction can include, but are not limited to: medications, food, dander, dust or pollen or a combination of any one of these. While all of these substances are safe, for some people and animals it confuses the body into thinking it is a harmful substance. The body will respond and try to rid the body of these substances which can cause watery eyes and runny noses. In an attempt to save the body from what it feels is an attack, the body will attempt to wall off the allergen using the histamine which will cause red eyes, a rash or hives.
Allergy Treatments
Traditional: There are a couple methods to treating allergy issues in pet's. The first is to identify the substances that are causing an allergic reaction in your pet's body. The traditional method of identification includes small amounts of specific allergens are injected into the skin and induce a reaction in the area of injection. For pets, this requires sedation so the animals will stay still for the procedure. Animals are given an medications to counteract the allergic reaction after the procedure is completed. The second method of identification is through blood tests. A small amount of blood is sent to a lab that preforms tests to indicate what the body is allergic to.
For both of these tests animals must be off of any steroid for several days before the tests can be done, steroids will skew the results or result in a negative test.
Once the suspect allergens have been identified, allergy de-sensitization therapy can begin. Specific allergy "vaccines" are created to your pet's specific needs. These vaccines are usually injected by you on a set schedule discussed with the doctor. This therapy re-teaches the body that the substances it once thought were bad are good by delivering a small amount into the body on a set schedule. With time, the body will "get used" to the substance being around and stop causing a reaction.
Low Level Laser Therapy: A second method to treating allergies includes our Low Level Laser. Allergy therapy using the Low Level Laser resets the body to recognizing substances that the body deems dangerous as good. These laser sessions do not require specific identification of allergens. Also, this method works best when there is an active reaction going on and the animal is off steroids. The amount of laser session is typically animal dependent. Typically, the schedule of laser therapy consists of coming in during a reaction and your animal being lasered twice a week. Once your pet starts showing signs of improvement the doctor will create a schedule for laser therapy to fit your schedule and your pet's needs.
With either method, traditional or low level laser therapy, it will take time and dedication to insure best results.